Who is Jay?

Good question! Let me try to answer this as quickly as possible.

I’m a nonbinary, sex-positive person with a creative soul.

I call myself a “Jay of all trades” when it comes to creative endeavors – which definitely includes sexuality, wouldn’t you say?

My professional background:

  • BA in anthropology and film studies
  • active experience as a full-service sex worker, from vanilla to fetish
  • currently completing a coaching certificate
  • survivor of depression and bulimia (eating disorder)

You’ll be able to learn more about me and my qualifications under the “about Jay” tag on my blog. 


Jay in schwarzem Korsett auf weißer Couch.
Sklave Jay (Marcel Wagner)

Welcome to my

Most of us never learn to talk about sex and intimacy. It’s time to change that.

As a full-service sex worker, I’ve met so many people who try to hide their sexual desires – from their partners, their spouses, or their friends. 

It’s a cliché, but very true: Many married men cheat. I contend that one of the main reasons is that we don’t talk about sex enough. 

If we were to talk openly and honestly, we would me infinitely happier and have healthier relationships. 


Improve Your Relationships!

  • Help you explore your sexuality
  • Discover your desires
  • Identify your issues
  • Practice open communication with partners
  • Form your own opinions on sex and kink​

Find out more

Here’s how:

To start, I will share my own experiences here on my blog as well as on my upcoming Medium profile. 

I’m also planning a podcast called “Sex Odyssey” in which I shall explore the infinite sea of human sexual kinks and desires. 

Once I am certain I know how to help best, I will launch a coaching program. Until then, I am available for private coaching. 

Pick your poison:

Jay’s Blog

Check below to get started on the Slave Log, i.e. Jay’s account of how they discovered the BDSM scene and how they came to sign a slave contract. Start reading below.

Intimacy Coaching

As a full-service sex worker, Jay draws on a wealth of experience to help you get in touch with your sexual desires in a positive and fun way. Reach out now.

Sex Odyssey

In Jay’s upcoming podcast, it’s all about sex! Let’s swim on the ocean of sexual kinks and desires that exist in this world. Say hi if you want to contribute!

Slave Log

How Jay became Lord’s Slave… and beyond.

The idea that sparked this site came from Lord of Pleasure. He asked Jay to write out their experiences during their scenes so that he could understand them better. 

As a writer, the task resonated deeply with Jay, and – voila – now you can read the results, too! 

Follow Jay on their journey from vanilla to signing a slave contract on their blog: 

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